COVID 19 Update December 2020

Following the Government announcement on Saturday 19 December 2020 that Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire are moving into Tier 4, all driving tests and lessons are cancelled until further notice in Tier 4.


Further updates will be added when material changes to the tier system are announced

COVID 19 Update (outdated)

The re introduction of lessons following the lockdown caused by the Corona virus pandemic has led to industry wide changes when providing driving instruction.

The guidelines published by the Driver and Vehicle Standards agency (DVSA) have been implemented to reduce the risk of infection to both myself and the pupil.

The guidelines include temperature checks before the lesson begins. All pupils and the instructor will wear masks throughout the lesson. Windows in the car will be down throughout the lesson to maintain air flow in the vehicle. The vehicle is cleaned after each lesson to reduce the spread of the virus.

All pupils are asked in advance of the lesson whether they or any family members are showing any COVID 19 symptoms to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.